Is aLTLhelp free?

Yes. You are welcome to use and share A Little Help with your friends and loved ones.

Why do I need to register with aLTLhelp?

In order for us to deliver the best experience and to host your page on aLTLhelp.com, we ask all TRIBE leaders to register. The TRIBE members need not register, but in order to see the calendar and sign-up for HELP events, they must be a registered user. It will also provide a more personalized experience and ensures they are receiving timely status updates from the TRIBE leader.

How do I sign in?

Click on the ‘hamburger’ navigation menu on the upper right side of the browser, and look for the ‘log in' button.

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What if I forgot my password?

A Little Help will send an email with a link to reset your password. If you are still having issues, please email: help@aLTLhelp.com

How do I change my password?

Currently, the only way to change your password is to request that aLTLhelp sends an email to reset it when you are signing-in:

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How do I create a new aLTLhelp site for someone that needs help?

During this Beta test, we are limiting the number of new aLTLhelp sites that can be created.

How do I update my profile?

Click on the ‘hamburger’ navigation menu on the upper right side of the browser, there will be a link to ‘View Settings’ where you can update your profile.

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How do I post a photo?

When you click ‘Add Update’ (found in the upper right hand ‘hamburger’ navigation menu), there will be an option to ‘Upload a Photo’ at the bottom of the status update.

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How do I add an event or ask for Help from my TRIBE?

Click on the ‘hamburger’ navigation menu on the upper right side of the browser, there is a link to “Request Help”

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How do I edit/change an event?

Click on the ‘hamburger’ navigation menu to ‘View Calendar’. When you click on any of the calendar items, you can edit that item right from that window.

How do I make an event recurring?

When creating or editing a calendar event (a Request for Help), select ‘Recurring’ and then select the days you want the event occur. You will also need to tell A Little Help what date to start and stop this recurring event.

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How do I close out/end/deactivate my site/page?

Click on the ‘hamburger’ navigation menu to ‘View Settings'

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Then click on 'Deactivate Your A Little Help' page

Are aLTLhelp pages private?

Yes. In an effort to keep A Little Help a private service, only the TRIBE leader can invite members to view a page. You can read our privacy statement here: (click link to privacy statement)

How do I block someone?

You can remove TRIBE members from visiting your page by click on the 'Manage Tribe' button

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Can I give administrative privileges to someone else?

At the time of this Beta test, there can only be one TRIBE leader. In a future release, A Little Help will offer greater functionality including allowing multiple TRIBE membership.

Can I see who has visited my aLTLhelp site?

At the time of this Beta test, TRIBE leaders will only be able to see which TRIBE members have registered to see and use their A Little Help page (it is found under 'Manage TRIBE' in the main navigation)s. However, the individual page readership will not be visible.